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Off-Grid Home #1

The 29-acre property fronts the ocean with a Conservation District restricting uses and promoting preservation, and an inland Agricultural District that allows for a single family dwelling. The natural terrain is rugged, with a dry, hot, and windy environment. The annual rainfall is less than 3 inches.

Contained within an approximately one-acre ellipse, the program is spread between four buildings, including five bedrooms, one full bath, two half baths with outdoor showers, laundry/utility room, kitchen, living, dining, and covered lanai. The enclosed living area is 4,200 square feet, with an additional 1,840 square feet of covered lanai. The 256 square foot wading pool is a cold water is not necessary.

The domestic hot water is heated by solar collecting panels on the roof with a storage tank in a utility closet on electric back-up with a timer switch to minimize unnecessary heating.

The photo-voltaic panel array on the roof of the main building provides solar energy conversion to a battery array in the utility room. The home operates at net-zero energy.

[Project developed by Aaron Spielman while employed at Rhoady Lee Architecture & Design. Photo credits: Ethan Tweedie Photography.]


Single Family Dwelling,

New Construction


Keawanui, HI


April 2015


John Sullivan, Timberworks, LLC