Pauahi Water Tank, Mauka Hawaii Cabins
Pauahi Water Tank, Mauka Hawaii Cabin
Pauahi Laborer's Cabin, Pauahi Homestead, Historic Hawaii, Paniolo Cabins
Kealapuali Homestead, Hawaii Cabins, Paniolo Cabins, Historic Hawaii
Palena'aina Cabin, Cowboy Cabins, Paniolo Cabin, Historic Hawaii
Pauahi Bathing Shed, Cowboy Cabins, Mauka Hawaii Cabins, Sherwood Greenwell, Kealakekua Ranch
Pauahi Cattle Chute, Historic Hawaii, Cowboy Cabins, Sherwood Greenwell, Kealakekua Ranch
Pauahi Lua, Cowboy Cabin, Mauka Cabin, Out House, Pauahi Cattle Chute, Historic Hawaii, Cowboy Cabins, Sherwood Greenwell, Kealakekua Ranch


I engage in quality architecture, complementing good design with professional project management.


Nanea Studios is a full-service architecture firm, specializing in residential new construction & remodel/addition work, and adept at design & documentation for commercial projects.



Nanea Studios Inc.

     - Position: Principal Architect, Founder.

     - Dates: October 2014 - Current.

     - Project Types: Residential, commercial, community projects.


Rhoady Lee Architecture & Design

     - Position: Associate / Project Manager.

     - Dates: April 2005 - October 2014.

     - Project Types: High-end Residential, community projects.


Hart Howerton

     - Position: Draftsman / Job Captain.

     - Dates: April 2003 - April 2005.

     - Project Types: High-end Residential.


Kona Historical Society

     - Position: Architectural Designer.

     - Dates: December 2002 - April 2003.

     - Project Types: As-built documentation of paniolo cabins.


Apexstudios inc.

     - Position: Architectural Designer.

     - Dates: March - December 2002.

     - Project Types: Residential adaptive reuse, urban lofts.


Suzuki Morgan Architects

     - Position: As-Built Documentation Field Work for HABS.

     - Dates: October - December 2001.

     - Project Types: Ainahou Ranch, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Gonzalez Architects

     - Position: Architectural Designer.

     - Dates: March 2001 - March 2002.

     - Project Types: Commercial adaptive reuse & urban preservation.


Savannah College of Art & Design

     - Dates: 1995 - 2000.

     - Degrees: Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture.

     - Minors: Architectural History, Electronic Design.

Hawaii Preparatory Academy

     - Graduation: 1995.

Affiliations & Community


Kauna'oa at Mauna Kea

     - Position: Chair of Design Committee

     - Dates: 2016 - Current.

Rotary Club of North Hawaii

     - Position: Member, Past Club President (2016-17).

     - Dates: 2012 - Current.

Waimea Preservation Association

     - Position: Past Vice President (2015).

     - Dates: 2015 - Current.


HPA Boys Volleyball

     - Position: Assistant Coach.

     - Seasons: 2014, 2015, 2016.

HPA Girls Volleyball

     - Position: Assistant Coach.

     - Season: 2015.

Honors & Awards


     - Rotary Club of North Hawaii Rotarian of the Year (2014).


     - Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society (1997).


     - RF Abbit Portfolio Scholarship (1998).


     - Honorary Research Award for Parker Ranch Research Project (1995).



     - County of Hawaii Building Permit Application intake/expediting.

     - Special Management Area Assessment & Use Permits.

     - Presentation with Burial Council, Na Ala Hele, DLNR-SHPD, and

       Waimea Community Association PDRC.

     - Design Review Associations: DHHL, Luala'i, Kohala Ranch, Kukio,

       Waikii Ranch, Kona Vistas, Kailua-Kona Village, Hualalai Resort,

       Mauna Lani Golf Villas, Mauna Kea Beach Resort in Hawaii, and

       Tetherow in Bend, Oregon.


     - ADA accessible deisgn for commercial projects.


     - Federal Housing Act design for multi-family housing.

     - Code compliant with I.R.C. and I.B.C. adopted by Hawaii (2012).

     - Fire protection design, NFPA Member.

     - Commercial kitchen design, tenant improvement & new construction.

     - Tenant improvements for a variety of uses: food & beverage, bar,

       healthcare, institutional, civic, hospitality.

     - Residential design & master planning, permits, construction.


     - Commercial design, permits, construction.

     - Agricultural building design.

     - Historic & As-Built Documentation.

     - Digital modeling, graphic design (print & web),

       photography & printmaking, hand sketching.


     - Fluent in CADD & most graphics software, AutoCAD 2020,

       Sketch-Up Pro 2019, Photoshop, Microsoft Office 365, WIX,

       Arc-GIS, Google Earth.