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Villas at Mauna Kea #15

The existing Villas were completed in 1982, along with beige tile and gilded swan plumbing fixtures.

The program converted two existing master suites to one master suite, with two bedrooms and a shared bath. One of the bedrooms functions as a media lounge and office. A structural post at the corner of the living was removed and replaced with a series of beams and steel connectors to create an open corner with pocketed doors. The kitchen and pantry were overhauled, and the powder was shifted into the original mechanical closet, which was relocated to a utility closet in the crawlspace. The existing pool was remodeled to a rectilinear shape with new lighting, plumbing, and finishes.


All existing doors, windows, finishes and fixtures in the existing Villa were removed and replaced with Fleetwood (we refurbished the original front door, screen door, and hardware). The design intent was to develop a modern update with clean materials and lighter, more open-feeling spaces. The complete overhaul allowed for a functional lighting design and energy efficient air control system.

The domestic hot water is heated by solar collecting panels on the roof with a storage tank in a utility closet on electric back-up with a timer switch to minimize unnecessary heating.

The pool is heated with solar collectors, thin black panels concealed behind the existing roof paraet.


Condominium, Remodel


The Villas at Mauna Kea


January 2018


Clint Honour &

J.Scott Dale, AIA,

Kauhale Kilohana Construction LLC