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Waimea Home #1

The multi-acre property includes a rugged terrain with an environment dominated by excessive air moisture and high winds. The views extend 180-degrees from the home site to the pu'u and Mauna Kea.

The program includes three bedrooms, two baths, laundry room, mudroom, kitchen & pantry, living, dining, and covered lanai. The enclosed living area is 2,000 square feet, with an additional 260 square feet of covered lanai, and 840 square feet of garage.

The domestic hot water is heated by solar collecting panels on the roof with a storage tank in a utility closet on electric back-up with a timer switch to minimize unnecessary heating.

The fireplace is two-sided in the central living space of the home, adding to the temperature and moisture control with the in-house dehumidifier system.


Single Family Dwelling, New Construction


Waimea, HI


June 2018


Michael Anderson, White Mountain Builders