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Waimea Home #2

The 1-acre property is a steep lot in an area of Waimea that witnesses large variations in temperature and air moisture. The primary veiwsare south to Mauna Kea.

The program includes three bedrooms, two baths, one laundry, kitchen & pantry, living, dining, and covered lanai. The enclosed living area is 2,000 square feet, with an additional 600 square feet of covered lanai, and 670 square feet of garage.

The domestic hot water is heated by solar collecting panels on the roof with a storage tank in a utility closet on electric back-up with a timer switch to minimize unnecessary heating.

The owner installed photo-voltaic solar energy collecting panels on the roof. The panels are connected to stored batteries, connected to the local utility service for reverse-metering. A small car charging station is installed in the garage.


Single-Family Dwelling,

New Construction


Waimea, HI


July 2019


Michael Sundseth, Timber