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Selected Projects



Keawanui is reminiscent of old Hawaii with exposed lava rock walls, concrete floors, wood doors and windows, and corrugated metal roofing. The outdoor lanai is protected from the sun by a Hau Tree Trellis. The home is off-grid and responds to the harsh natural nvironment with large roof overhangs, recessed windows in masonry walls, and vaulted ceilings at interior rooms.



In collaboration with Miran Jang at dadada studio, we are designing a new structure for Mala'ai to provide covered and protected space for garden support activities. The design is based on the Taro/Kalo plant, with a large roof canopy (leaf), exposed column structure (stalks), and an indoor/outdoor bench element (corm). The operable panels allow for a variety of end-user configurations to adapt with weather patterns in Waimea.



Kalahiki is an off-grid beach shack. The home is raised on post and pier foundation to touch the ground lightly. The wrap-around lanai and covered lanai areas extend the interior living spaces. The oversized openings and louvered windows promote natural ventilation throughout the home.

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